Psalm 31

Do I realize that I need this prayer every day? Do I take refuge in the Lord every day? Is He a strong fortress for me every day?

This psalm is about a season of distress. Verse 9 asks for the Lord’s grace for his season of distress. But if I were honest, every day has particular moments of distress. I find my greatest enemy is the sin that yet makes war in my heart. Do I believe that I can handle that just fine myself, or do I take refuge in the Lord? Do I ask that He would “lead me and guide me?”

Today I will wait upon the Lord at all times. I will call out to Him in the hope that He will incline His ear to me at the last provocation of my Spirit. And the Lord will preserve the faithful.

Proverbs 11:5–7

Verses 5 and 6 are similar. The way of the righteous is both straight and a means of deliverance. This is contrasted with the way of the wicked that causes his own capture and fall.

Lord, show me the value of remaining on the straight and narrow path. And during the course of walking in faith, keep my on the way of faithfulness.