Psalm 23

I read this psalm with my seven year old this morning. She read the word pasture but couldn’t get the “ch” sound of the “ture” right so she kept saying “Pastor.” But she’s right. The work of the good shepherd to bring his flock to green pastures is the work of a pastor. A pastor is literally a shepherd.

I am a pastor. Some people even call me that before my first or last name. It is my title. But the Lord is is the good shepherd.

Something interesting happens between verse 2 and verse 3. The Lord is working good for his sheep. He is bringing them refreshment. He is restoring their soul. Then He leads them in paths of righteousness for His namesake. Interesting! What the Lord does for His namesake is perfectly in alignment with refreshment and peace for the sheep.

That explains why we need fear nothing. The Lord has link His good with our good and our good with His good. The Lord will certainly not forfeit His own glory, so we ought never fear that we will lose whatever is our greatest peace and joy.

The closing verse explains it best. There is no greater good for us or glory for God than that we would dwell with Him forever.