Psalm 22:19-31

What a drastic turn this psalm takes. The psalmist certainly is just as conscious of his suffering, but also displays an even greater awareness of the rescue of the Lord.

I think it is interesting that he so often associates his rescue with his hope of worship. As the Lord comes quickly to his aid and delivers his soul, he quickly moves to tell of the name of the Lord in the midst of the congregation. He wants rescue not only because he needs it, but because he wants to proclaim the Lord’s rescue among the people.

Do I ever view my suffering and trials as an opportunity to one day declare the rescue of the Lord to my community?

Proverbs 10:10–12

“Whoever winks the eye causes trouble.” What an interesting thought. Subterfuge is rarely a good sign.

I remember the first time I ever heard the fact that the power of death and life are in the words of the tongue. The righteous speak words that bring life.

Verse 12 seems to give one example of how words can be used. The righteous will use his words with love and so cover an offense which might have brought disunity.