Psalm 22:1-18

One of the things that make the psalms easy to relate to is the fact that they are written from the perspective of a person yet in need of rescue. He begins this psalm with a cry for help and a genuine feeling of abandonment. But he quickly continues the psalm from the position of faith that the Lord is Holy. He quickly remembers that the Lord has been the trust of those who have gone before him. He remembers the rescue of the Lord for his fathers.

Now consider that this psalm is picked up by Jesus Himself. Jesus is crushed by the judgment of the Father upon the sin of those He came to save. Jesus is made a “worm” of a man, scorned and mocked. Though He was righteous from birth He is “poured out like water.”

I am encouraged by this psalm that no matter the circumstance of suffering or loneliness that I may experience, Jesus, my Savior has experienced an even greater suffering for me. What was His reward? Resurrection. Because Jesus suffered for me I can participate in the resurrection life that He has secured for me. Because Jesus was abandoned and shamed for me, I will forever be brought near to God.