Genesis 7

Joshua 16-18

Psalm 18:1-27

The psalm begins with a confession of who God is. He is rock and fortress and deliverer. He is God and rock and refuge. He is shield and salvation and stronghold.

The psalmist then recounts why he is so confident in His praise. He recounts a time when he was utterly lost. There was death and destruction and entangling snares. So He calls out to the Lord and the Lord hears his cry.

Verses 7-12 are an amazing testimony of the power of the Lord to work on behalf of those who call on His name.

I am struck by the way that the Lord leverages His power over all of creation for the good of His people. He thundered and flashed to rescue. All this because “he delighted in me.”

What a great hope and joy that the Lord would delight in me. His psalm is written by David, the chosen of the Lord, in whom the Lord delighted. But all who are the elect of God are those in whom the Lord delights. What a glorious hope! Is there any greater joy than to be delighted in by the Lord?

Jesus, and His Gospel work, is the evidence that the Lord has truly delighted in me. The Lord, who is holy and good, has leveraged His power to perform the Gospel so that I and all of His church would be saved and called to Him.

Proverbs 8:22–36

What a warning!

All who hate me love death.

Let us use the coming weeks to pursue the wisdom held out in the remainder of Proverbs.