Psalm 12

This psalm goes back to the them of the sweetness of God’s law, the way of God. It appears to the psalmist that there are none left who do not lie and flatter and boast. There seem to be none who remember the pure words of the Lord. He cries out for God to put an end to such destructive speech.

At the same time he remembers the purity of the words of the Lord. Even when all those around him are filled with vile words, he remembers that the words of the Lord are pure. The Lord will guard those who trust in His words. At the same time the “children of man” exalt in vile words.

Is this not the case in our present generation? It would seem that there are none who speak with purity. Meanwhile, evil words, slanderous words, sarcasm and cruelty are exalted.

Whose words do I exalt in? I think I will take a few moments to remember some specific words of the Lord so that I can be filled today with pure words.

Proverbs 6:16–19

Interesting that our proverb for today highlights the same thing as our psalm. As the psalmist feels the misery of vile words, so this proverb high lies how the Lord hates a lying tongue.

  1. Haughty eyes
  2. Lying tongue
  3. Hands that she’d innocent blood
  4. Heart that devises wicked plans
  5. Feet that make haste to run to evil
  6. False witness who breaths out lies
  7. One who sows discord among brothers

Eyes, tongue, hands, heart, feet, breath, wit. How do I use my body today?