Matthew 4

Isaiah 10-11

Psalm 10

The psalmist observes that the wicked go on about their wickedness with little thought to God or His justice or judgment. It would seem that God’s judgments are “on high, out of his sight.” The wicked things that nothing can stop their boasts.

But the psalmist has not forgotten that God sees. He continues to cry out to God for justice and rescue.

Proverbs 6:6–11

This is probably my favorite proverb. The imagery is vivid. I love how he says to “go to the ant.” I can see a man sitting by an ant hill and learning from the tiny creature. She has no boss. No one makes her work, but she is diligent.

Then poverty and want is portrayed, not as something that happens by accident. Rather, it is an invader that comes deliberately to the sluggardly, like a robber or armed man.

The question today is, have I learned from the ant or would I do well to sit outside and consider her ways?