Psalm 6

I’ve always been struck by Psalm 6:4-5. I love the way that the psalmist words his request. His desire is for the Lord to deliver him. But he roots this request in the character of God. He knows that God is a God of steadfast love. He knows that the Lord has promised to rescue His people. He knows that the Lord loves to save. He knows that the Lord is glorified in the lives of those He delivers. So, “because “for the sake of your steadfast love” the psalmist cries out for deliverance.

Proverbs 3:13–35

We are beginning to see the book of Proverbs in this chapter becoming actual short, pithy proverbs. While our reading today begins with a good section on the value of wisdom, it ends with a collection of wise saying. Soon our reading of Proverbs is going to slow down to reading just three verses a day for the remainder of the year. That will allow us the time to really read and reflect our way through the wisdom of this book.