Psalm 4

So, I just finished reading this psalm and ended up highlighting more than half of it. It is full of sweet words.

For those of you who read BibleTogether with us in 2015 you will remember the central promise of God to fashion a people for Himself; that He would be their God and they would be His people. Here we see that same promise again.

But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.

The good news of God setting apart a people for Himself is that because of His grace we enter into relationship with him.

Verse 7 shows the great good for the one who is known by the Lord. There are “many” who cry out for the Lord to show them some good. It would appear that they are looking for earthly gifts. The psalmist declares that the good that he seeks is to actually know the Lord. Knowing the Lord is the source of his abundant joy.

What greater evidence of peace is there than to lie down and sleep in the hope of the Lord.

I ask my soul this morning, would you rather, soul, have abundant provision in this world or would you rather live the day in the joy of the Lord and lie down at the end of it in the confidence of the Lord?

Soul, be not “angry.” Be not agitated. Ponder the Lord, walk in the wisdom and joy of His way, and so trust in the Lord.

Proverbs 2:1–22

I love the confidence of Solomon to call his son to listen to his words. He doesn’t claim that he, himself, gives wisdom. Verse 6 makes it clear that the Lord is the one who gives wisdom. Rather, Solomon is the one who passes it on to his son. At CrossPointe Church, it is our mission to point our community to Jesus Christ. Wisdom is found in Him, and the Lord has chosen to use instruments such as fathers and neighbors and friends to point to Him. After calling his son to listen to his words, the first thing that Solomon has to say is that wisdom comes from the Lord. So, it is with we who point our community to Jesus. We claim that we have something to say, something to share, but what we have to share is that the truth is not found in us, but in Christ.

I remember from my youth how much it impressed me that some of the earliest and consistent warnings that Solomon gives to his son is against the temptation of adultery. Oh, how much I and we, in our souls and in our communities, continue to need to hear this warning. Soul, don’t be deceived that you have already sufficiently heard this warning. Read each of the words in verses 16-19. Consider them carefully. Pray over them. And walk in the way of the good.