Genesis 2

Today the words “helper fit for him” stood out to me. “Fit for” can also be translated “corresponding to.” This makes sense since each of the animals were given a match, Adam would be right to wonder if there is one who corresponds to him. Man and woman are a match. They fit right for the divine purpose God has for them in creation. Whatever God’s intention is for humanity, it is only as male and female that we can fulfill this purpose. That is not to say that every male needs a corresponding female. This contradicts other teaching in scripture on the God ordained value of singleness. But humans are to interact and life as male and female, correspondingly accomplishing our God-glorifying purpose together.

Leviticus 1-2

Forgetfulness is often a theme of the people of the scriptures. We are reminded here how they forgot God’s powerful rescue out of Egypt and chose to fear man rather than remember the rescue of God. In this midst of this passage highlighting the forgetful faithlessness of the Israelites we have a reminder of the Lord’s own faithfulness to His covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob, to give [the land] to them and to their offspring after them.

Psalm 2

It doesn’t look good for the nations, peoples, kings or rulers in this Psalm. They begin raging and plotting, setting themselves and taking counsel against the Lord and the Lord’s Anointed king. They want to throw off any sovereignty that the Lord would exercise over them.

Then we see the Lord laughing at their vain attempts to deny His lordship. Surely, Lord will answer their plotting with wrath and fury. All the way up to the last verse we have warnings about the dangers of provoking the Lord and His Anointed.

But, suddenly, with the last short sentence we have something unexpected. “Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” Can this be? The same Lord who breaks and dashes His enemies, can He also serve as a refuge if the kings and rulers would turn to Him?

This is the beauty of the Gospel. The same people who provoke the Lord to wrath may find in the Lord a refuge if they will turn to Him in repentance.

Proverbs 1:8–19

I appreciate the vivid imagery that is used for the enticement of sinners. How rarely do I think of my sin in such aggressive terms. And what if I warned my children with such stern warnings? The warning is not just against sin itself, but against the destruction that sin will bring upon the self. The sinner sets traps for others, but the lie of temptation is that it is itself a trap for the sinner. The worst outcome is that the sinner would gain that which he is greedy for. What he does not know is that his unjust gain is what takes away his life.