The book of Daniel takes place after the Judah is conquered by Babylon. The first six chapters are largely a historical account of the faithfulness of Daniel and others in exile. The second half of the book records “visions of future judgement and deliverance by the Messiah (ESV Introduction to Daniel).”

It is pretty clear what Babylon was doing. They were talking the brightest and best of Israel and trying to assimilate them into the culture, philosophy and way of Babylon. The question that quickly begin to ask ourselves is whether or not Daniel and his friends will remain faithful to God in this midst of this foreign and pagan land.

We quickly find the answer in verse 8. Daniel refused to defile himself by eating in such a way that was against the laws of the Lord. Daniel knew that God would not abandon him and his friends if they would walk in faithfulness to Him. He knew that the way of the Lord is better than the way of any earthly kingdom.

God prospered Daniel and his friends in their faithfulness. They found health, wisdom and favor in the sight of the king.

As we continue to work our way through this incredible story of the Bible it would be good to pause and ask, “Is it really worth it to follow after the way of the Lord?” The way of faithfulness will often run counter to the dominant views of the world. The bottom line is this, we will only truly walk in the way of faithfulness if we truly believe that God Himself is better. We will only believe that His way is good if we believe that He is good.