If you know the story of Job, you know that Job loses nearly everything. He loses his children, his livelihood, his own health. The question is will Job turn from his faith in the Lord.

I highly recommend you view the following video to help you understand this incredible book.

The bottom line is this. This book never finally answers the question of why there is suffering in the world. What it does answer is far more important. The book of Job answers the question of whether or not God can be trusted and whether or not God is truly in control of the universe.

Consider the alternative. If God is not truly in control of the universe then that means that suffering is spinning out His of control. If this is the case then what confidence do we have that God could ever do something definitive about suffering? What confidence would we ever have in salvaiton.

The few verses that we read today highlight the unique position of authority and power that God alone occupies. This God, this sovereign, all-powerful Creator and Sustainer of all things is the God who can also guarantee salvation and forgiveness for the people who trust in His Name.