How many times have we seen a reference to the steadfast love of the Lord?

The psalm opens praising God for His steadfast love. First, all of Israel, then the priests (house of Aaron) and finally all who fear the Lord praise the Lord for His steadfast love.

The psalmist asks a good question. If the Lord is on His side, what can man do to him? If the Lord has chosen the psalmist as the object of His steadfast love then he is truly invincible. For this reason, it is better to trust in the Lord than in man, or even princes.

That is not to say that the psalmist will never suffer. Verse 18 speaks of God’s discipline, but the psalmist will not be crushed to death.

Then in verse 22 the psalmist speaks of the “stone the builders rejected.” In Mark 12:10–12 Jesus applies this verse to Himself. He is the stone that the religious leaders rejected. He is the cornerstone on which God will build His salvation. This is the work of the Lord. What is the day of rejoicing and gladness (Psalm 118:24)? It is the day of the Lord’s salvation. Verses 26-27 speaks of Jesus who comes in the name of the Lord. Jesus is the light that comes to shine upon the people. Jesus is the very incarnation of the steadfast love of the Lord.