Today’s passage introduces us to a new theme that runs through much of Isaiah. Isaiah speaks of a Servant who will work salvation for the people. We learn a lot about the character of this Servant. I encourage you to go back through the chapter and see what you notice about this Servant.

Tomorrow we will see a great deal more about this servant in Isaiah 52:13-53:12. We will quickly see that when Isaiah is talking about this Servant he is speaking about Jesus. Jesus will soon fulfill the promises of God to send a servant who would save the people.

A Bruised Reed

This is one of my favorite images about this Servant. It tells us something significant about the gentleness of God. The greatest implication of the gentleness of God is that He makes a way, ultimately revealed in the person and work of Jesus, not to crushed the people under their own sin. Instead of crushing or breaking those who look to Him in faith He sends His own Son to be crushed in their place. A bruised reed He will not break, but He, Himself, was broken.