Who would have thought that we would find a Christmas passage tucked away in the Old Testament. But I hope you have seen by now that the whole story of the Old Testament is moving toward Christmas. The whole Old Testament is moving toward the coming of a King in the line of David who will crush the head of the enemy, will once and for all make a people for Himself and He will be their God.

Wait for the Lord

Isaiah prophesied in a time of great turmoil in Judah. Jerusalem was in constant threat of invasion and the Lord spoke of impending judgment for the people’s unfaithfulness.

What is Judah to do? What is their hope? How will they survive? To whom will they seek refuge?

Unfortunately, the people looked to superstition, idolatry and witchcraft (Isaiah 8:19). Isaiah powerfully asks, “Should not a people inquire of their God?” Why then are they seeking counsel elsewhere, in ways prohibited by the Lord?

Isaiah then cries out with this wonderful cousel. To the teaching and to the testimony! Isaiah would have the people seek the Lord. Isaiah would have the people remember His word. If they would only fear the Lord then the Lord would become a sanctuary for them. But if they look elsewhere, neglecting the Lord, then He will become a snare for them.

Merry Christmas

What does the Lord have in store for those who would look to Him? He will shine a light so that they would not stumble. The Lord announces the coming of a child who will be King. And not just any king. He will be a King like none other. His kingdom, in the line of David, will be filled with justice and righteousness. The Lord has been working all of history to this end. The very “zeal” of the Lord is leveraged to bring this child who is the hope of His people.